Psycho-social Well-being in Development using
Arts Based Therapy

About Bapu Trust

The Bapu Trust for Research on Mind & Discourse (1999-) is a registered NGO, located in Pune city, India.

Bapu Trust works with multiple stakeholders within the Development sector on the inclusion of persons with mental health issues and psychosocial disabilities, including

i. Disabilities ii.Policy and Law
iii.Poverty iv. Gender
v.Marginalization vi. Urbanization
vii.Community Development viii. Health
ix.Social Justice x.Livelihoods
xi.Human Rights xii.Education

Bapu Trust was started as a novel idea in advocacy for human rights based community mental health services. Our domains of work include Research, Trainings, Enabling dialogue platforms in India and Asia on policy issues, and innovative services in Development. 'Seher', the service wing of BT, has been working in urban community mental health. We work in collaboration with Pune Municipal Corporation in several low income pockets of Pune, through 'Community Wellness Centers'.

Bapu Trust has always straddled two universes of practice - non-medical healing practice and social justice practice. In building synergy across these two dynamic universes, the Bapu Trust has been strongly grounded in the two pillars of contemporary healing arts and disability thinking - Arts Based Therapy [ABT] and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities [UNCRPD].